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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Clockwork Revamp

Legacy Code
One of the major issues with the game as of late, which has been a major roadblock in creating new levels, is the fact that currently many of the components in the game are using legacy code that is very fickle. Over the coming weeks, these components are going to get a script revamp to completely rework how they work under the hood. This is going to take time but it's ultimately going to make these mechanics function similar to each other and simplify the overall code base significantly.

Reworking Clockwork Bombs
Easily one of the more complex mechanics in the game currently is the clockwork bomb. They seem simple on the surface, but they've got a number of ticks that need to be met in order to function correctly. As such, they've been one of the most unwieldy of the mechanics second probably only to the homing bombs.

Because of this, I've decided they would be a great first component to revamp because the fundamental ideas I have in place for how to simplify them will transition well to more simple components like tornado gems, falling bricks, etc.

(Old Sensors - Ew!)

Before now, clockwork bombs (aka, ticker bombs, aka clinging bombs) have operated off the grid. They kept themselves stuck to blocks with carefully placed sensors, forced snapping, and a bit of luck. This has made them incredibly unreliable, especially with fluctuation framerates.

(New Sensors - Yay!)

The new system is strictly grid based, though you wouldn't know it to see them as visually nothing will appear to change. Ultimately though, this means that there are going to be far less wild card variables that can throw them off or make them operate unpredictably.

Additionally, thanks to the new grid system, the bombs themselves will follow their path significantly more reliably. Their spacing from the wall will never fluctuate, allowing them to crawl through tight spaces with ease.

As mentioned above, this is the first revamp. The update isn't quite ready for prime time just yet, but I'll be sure to post once it is.