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Friday, March 10, 2017

Build: 1684434

Freeze Bricks
A new type of brick was added into the game that will freeze the players movements when impacted. This will completely lock them out of any sort of movement whatsoever, including the ability to throttle their speed. Their momentum into the bounce is carried over and they will continue bouncing until they impact a non-frozen surface.

Orientation Change

Up until now, the players initial direction has always been downwards and the tornado's would always start off moving to the left when they landed on any surface. This seemed like an unfair restriction considering the starting orientation of just about every other component can be controlled in the editor when placing the object. Clockwork bombs can be told to spin clockwise or counter clockwise, homing fuses can be told to start moving up, down, left, or right, etc.

This build introduces the ability to control which direction the player spawn and tornado diamonds will start off in when the level begins.

Right now there's no indication of this in-game, for any objects. So when you start a level, you won't know whether the player is going to move up or down. However this is planned to be introduced in the form of a FreeView overlay, which will be visible from the start of the level as well.

Minor Fixes
  • Tornado's will no longer be destroyed upon loading the level.
    • This was a result of a new condition which destroys tornado's when they leave level bounds. Because they were placed before level bounds were destroyed before the level began.
  • The modifier panel in the editor no longer obscures the mouses input from placing components into your level when it's not open.
  • The default state for multi-group selection in the object toolbar is disabled to better replicate the group selection from the original object bar. This can still be manually enabled via the multi-group checkbox on the object bar however.
  • Level bounds should no longer show up in the level preview image saved with your level.
Known Issues
  • Objects will still show up as "out of bounds" if placed outside of level bounds on a separate layer.
    • Because level bounds don't respect objects outside of the "Playground" layer, this means solid bricks placed outside of the established level bounds on foreground or background layers will be flagged as "out of bounds" objects.
  • Level Editor won't properly overwrite saved levels.
    • This one's a bit trickier and might take a while to solve. The issue seems to be directly related to the permissions granted to levels saved via the editor. Nothing about the code surrounding the level saving has been changed so this could be a result of an update to Windows which is placing heavier restrictions on editing files from the games directory.
    • If this is the case, the default location for level files might be moved to the Documents folder.