Make sure your build is at or higher than the latest build posted below. If it's lower, verify the game contents to force an update. It's also important to remember that the sandbox depot is not updated regularly. This depot is only used for confined testing. If you were working with me on one of these confined tests, please remember to opt out of the sandbox depot so you're always receiving the most up-to-date build of the game.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Build: 1671831

Progress Update
It's been a little slow the past week. I recently replaced my main hard drive with an SSD and had to reinstall Windows along with all my other software. Things should be back to a normal pace now.

Tornado Spawn
A new prototype object has just been added into the game. The tornado spawn will spawn a single new tornado diamond into the level. When that tornado diamond has been destroyed, the spawn will create a new one. You can still place individual tornado diamonds, but this spawn will allow for renewable tornado diamonds in cases where they may, for instance, fall off of the level. This can be especially useful for levels where you may want them to repeatedly reappear in a certain position and create a condition where they'll repeatedly be destroyed to restore them back to their original spot.