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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Build: 1629376

So over the past week, I've been occasionally releasing small build updates. None of these builds contained a massive amount of new content worth mentioning just yet, mainly because a lot of this content is still very much in construction and none of it has even begun to resemble what I intend the final product to look like.

That being said, anyone on the latest build will notice that the campaign menu is currently in place, along with a basic progression tracking mechanics. None of the levels included in campaign have any sort of leaderboard support yet, nor does completing them actually have any meaningful impact. In fact, while a basic save file is established, it's all still very basic and likely to change.

Major Changes
The core mechanics of the game are already set in stone, however in trying to design levels for campaign mode, I've been starting to notice a lot of glaring issues that need to be addressed. A few of these issues are already in place with the current build, such as the ability to access FreeView mode and the pause menu before the level actually begins. However a few other issues such as camera control and just overall level visibility are going to be opened back up and examined to see if I can come up with a better way of handling them.

Part of these changes is going to include an overall reworking on how a lot of mechanics currently work so as to provide more realistic usage of the individual components in respect to whole level designs rather than each component being in the sort of proof of concept bubble they're in now.

These could be subtle changes to simple mechanics like the speed of tornado diamonds, all the way up to significant changes like what can and can't be destroyed with homing bombs.

Editor Changes
While building levels, a lot of glaring issues have started to show their face with the editor. One major issue is just how overwhelming it can be to start making a level from scratch. A solution to help combat this is the inclusion of starting templates. Currently these include a small level outline, medium level outline, large level outline, and of course the original blank level grid.

Visuals and Performance
A lot of visuals still need to be fixed and updated since the Unity 5 upgrade and a lot of the current fixes are still very unoptimized. As time goes on, you'll continue to see improvements on both ends of the spectrum, but these are going to come gradually with each update rather than a single update addressing them all at once.

Ultimately the end goal here is to try and ensure that the final game is above anything else, fun. And right now I'm not entirely sure the game in it's current state is going to deliver a campaign mode that is exactly that.

As usual though, feedback is more than welcome. There's never been a good idea I haven't at least considered.