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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Build: 1607369

More Visuals Fixed
The bulk of this small update involves fixing more of the visual issues that the Unity 5 update brought. This includes proper reflections on things like death bricks, homing bombs, tornados, etc, as well as refining some of the particle effects.

Mechanical Fixes
Homing Bomb tracking is a bit more reliable, replacing the previous single point raycast with a spherecast that covers a slightly larger area and makes the likelihood of 'seeing' the player a bit easier. The 'near wall' restriction has also been lifted since the spherecast ideally prevents the bomb from getting a complete line of sight if it's chase path isn't completely clear from the point it locked on.

  • Currently there's an issue where the bomb will 'snap' into walls as a result of this restriction being lifted. I'm looking into a clean way to resolve this issue.

Death Blocks now function correctly again.

The particle effect and sound from dying are fixed.