Make sure your build is at or higher than the latest build posted below. If it's lower, verify the game contents to force an update. It's also important to remember that the sandbox depot is not updated regularly. This depot is only used for confined testing. If you were working with me on one of these confined tests, please remember to opt out of the sandbox depot so you're always receiving the most up-to-date build of the game.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Build: 1556094

Incremental Update

  • Solid bricks have had their cubemap reflectivity fixed to match what was originally in the Unity 4.6 build of the game.
  • Light caps for color switches and field switches have been updated to be more vibrant.
  • Player model has a completely new material which features real-time reflections of the play field surrounding the player.
  • Diamonds have been reworked to have real-time reflections and a more bold vibrance to them, making the colors easier to distinguish without sacrificing visual quality.
Naturally all of these updates are going to be subject to optimization prior to release and due to their overhead, will absolutely be adjustable under graphical settings. As of this build, a screen full of diamonds at 1920x1080 will get you about 90fps on average with a GTX 970.