Make sure your build is at or higher than the latest build posted below. If it's lower, verify the game contents to force an update. It's also important to remember that the sandbox depot is not updated regularly. This depot is only used for confined testing. If you were working with me on one of these confined tests, please remember to opt out of the sandbox depot so you're always receiving the most up-to-date build of the game.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Build: 1511674

Click/Drag Added
As per request, it's now possible to click and drag to create and delete objects. This one has been on the back burner for quite a while now since there were issues with creating objects that overlapped existing objects depending on the speed you dragged the cursor. Thanks to the new cursor collision system, this issue was much easier to resolve.

Size Panel
The primary size panel changed the size of the cursor but didn't affect the objects being placed. Quick-access and hotkeys still worked. The panel now works properly.