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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Build: 1510616

The editor just received an update which introduces a few quality of life updates and tweaks. While none of these updates are going to completely change the experience, they will hopefully provide an added level of polish to the editor which will make long-term use a bit more tolerable.

About Panel:

A new panel was added to provide information about the editor. Specifically the editor and file system versions, which can make it easier to keep up on in the future.

The editor version is obviously just referring to the version of the editor you're using, since updates can be made to the game without having impacted the editor and vice versa. The file system version however is a tad different.

Since the current editor was created, this has been a hidden number that decided whether or not levels were compatible. Fortunately since a massive update to the file system completely reworked how level data was saved, specifically with compatibility and expansion in mind, this file version has been largely unnecessary and unchanged. However it's still an important number to keep in mind if you're coming from a significantly older version of the game or trying to play a level that was made with a much older version of the editor.

Simply put, the editor will not open levels with a file version higher than the editor, and thanks to the redesigned file data structure introduced in version 2, the editor should, in theory, be capable of opening up older file versions.

That being said, levels made with a different file version than the game will need to be converted before they can be eligible for submitting highscores, assuming they even play at all, which they probably wont.

Quick Access Panel:
In the process of designing levels with the editor, it's become painfully clear that a few key controls always seem to be just out of convenient reach. Hotkeys made this a bit more tolerable, but it was clear that a more straight forward solution was necessary. This update adds a new quick access panel which can be accessed by middle clicking anywhere in the level. The panel will show up at the mouse cursor and provide options for changing the color and size of whatever object you're placing.

In addition to being able to change the color and size however, is the new pin menu. This menu will display any objects you've pinned via the standard object toolbar menus. Instead of left clicking an object in the traditional menu, middle clicking it will create a pin for it. This allows for quick access to commonly used objects throughout the course of designing a level.

Furthermore, these pinned objects are saved with the level rather than reset or consistent between sessions. This was done because convenient objects for one level won't always be the same for another level. And if you ever open a level you were working on, the pins you found useful for that particular level will be available for you.

Redesigned Cursor:

This change won't seem significant unless you've tried actively building levels in previous versions of the editor, or had a particularly sharp eye during the preview video demonstrating level design. However it's by no means minor.

The new build cursor was completely built from the ground up to address a couple major issues. The least of which was the way various cells of the cursor would appear to break apart when performance was subpar and/or you moved the cursor very quickly across the screen.

However the largest change comes with the redesigned collision detection. The new cursor utilizes a new ray system rather than the traditional collision box. While this should help address the issue of objects being placed on top of other objects, the main issue this addresses was an uncommon (but not rare) issue where under certain circumstances, especially in confined spaces, it was impossible to place an object without finding and erasing whatever object was conflicting with a cell.

In short, the older version of the cursor would occasionally prevent you from placing objects in confined spaces. The new cursor addresses this issue.

Camera Drift:
The camera should no longer get stuck drifting in or out when adjusting zoom while the editor was running slowly due to performance.


For people new and unfamiliar with the editor and it's various buttons and features, while not particularly overwhelming, the new tooltips should help make the experience a little bit more clear and easier to work with.

Last and for all you know, least:
An unreasonable amount of time was spent on a new feature which I'll leave to speak for itself.