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Friday, September 30, 2016

Build: 1366378

Alright, so we've got a fairly big build here. Most of the changes here are surrounding the editor and leaderboard integrity.

Leaderboard Eligibility

Up until now, virtually any level that had an established Workshop ID was eligible for publishing scores to the leaderboards. This means if you uploaded a level, it was eligible for leaderboards. Period.

While this worked for testing that leaderboards worked for individual levels being added to the workshop, it failed to insure that levels couldn't be edited and then played again to submit new scores. Including levels you didn't make yourself.

Now when you open up levels in the editor, if the level has a Workshop ID (identifying it as having been published at some point), you'll receive a warning that editing the level will mark it ineligible for submitting new scores until it's been published again.

So how is this working?

When you save a level, the level will always be marked as "Ineligible to submit scores." The instant you publish the level, the editor will go in and mark the level as eligible and then upload the updated level file. Both the local level file and the workshop level files will be eligible for submitting scores. However if you save the level again, even if it's identical, the level will once again be marked as ineligible until it's been re-published to the workshop.

As an added bonus, this means under no circumstances will you be able to subscribe to and edit a level while still being capable of submitting scores. Your local version of the file will be marked ineligible and trying to re-publish the level will fail since you weren't the original publisher.

Additionally, leaderboards will never be eligible for any level played directly from the editor, regardless of whether it's local file is eligible or not, since the level data for playing the level from within the editor is independent of the local file.

Please note however that because the default state of eligibility in a level file is "Not Eligible", any levels submitted to the workshop prior to this build will not contain the eligibility marker to submit leaderboard scores until they've been re-published and marked eligible.

Updating Levels

When re-publishing a level or "Updating" it, you'll be given a warning that you're updating a level that's already been published and may already have leaderboard scores submitted to it. Since leaderboard scores will carry over between updates, it's important to remember that the integrity of the leaderboard scores are dependant on the scores being submitted are on a fair and level playing ground. Updating a level that would make higher scores impossible to beat would be considered acceptable grounds to have the level reported and removed.

If you're making a large enough change to the level that it affects top scores on the leaderboard, it's technically not the same level anymore and shouldn't be treated as such on the leaderboards.

Updating will remain because under the right circumstances, being able to update your level can be done responsibly. However if this does end up becoming an issue, a more strict solution might be necessary - including but not limited to marking the version of a level scores are submitted, submitting updated scores to a new leaderboard automatically (removing the old one), or removing the update level functionality altogether.

As always, suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Change Notes:

On the topic of updating levels, a new dialog has been added. This dialog will pop up when you click "Publish" on a level that's being updated. Write down any changes you've made and it will appear date and timestamped on the item's workshop page.

This can be used to communicate whether a change to your level could affect submitted scores, which could be used in your defense should the leaderboard integrity been questioned.

Return to Editor:

The ability to return back to the editor from the pause menu when playing your level from the editor, has been fixed.

Updated Workshop Templates:

The templates used for Workshop item previews has been updated. The badge for displaying whether a level is an "Individual" or a "Level Package" have been made smaller and less visually intrusive on what really matters - the level itself.

Final Thoughts:
That's more or less it for this build. A few smaller changes were made under the hood but none of them are really worth mentioning here. Most of them were minor tweaks and adjustments to scripts that could have resulted in unexpected behavior. (See: Bug)