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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Build: 1358934

Combo System:

With the new leaderboard system in place, it's going to become more important to start finding ways to boost your score beyond simply trying to beat the level as quickly as possible. While still very early, this build adds in a new combo system which will reward points for destroying multiple diamonds in quick succession.

How things currently work:
Destroying a diamond within two seconds of destroying another one, you'll be rewarded +1 point and a combo timer will quickly begin to drop. Your third diamond will reward you +2 and your third +4 exponentially growing for each diamond you destroy.

Each diamond destroyed however will also reduce the amount of time to continue the chain by 90% the time you had before. So 2 seconds becomes 1.8 seconds, becomes 1.62 seconds, 1.46 seconds, and so on. So the higher the chain reward, the harder it will be to maintain the chain.

The Goal:
These numbers are obviously subject to adjustment, especially on provided feedback. The goal isn't to allow for a significant amount of time to be gained when trying to complete a level within the time limit. The goal is to reward people with a noticeable boost in score if they can destroy diamonds in quick succession.

This reward will hopefully become trickier to accomplish in levels with more creative component layouts that make it difficult to maintain a chain without very slick maneuvering and allow for more opportunity to get the best score by not only beating the level as quickly as possible, but as efficiently as possible.

As always, feedback plays a HUGE role in how this mechanic will ultimately be used to shape the game, so please let me know what you think and what changes might make it better.