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Friday, September 2, 2016

Build: 1316076

So it's been a few months now since the last update, but the break is more or less over. A couple of new components have just been added into the game. These components should hopefully add a bit more variety in level design, both from a challenge and from a flexibility standpoint.

Bolt Launch

First off is the bolt launch. Designed to be incredibly lethal, the bolt launch is an automated turret that will track the players movement once it has a line of sight. After pulsing a few times, it'll launch a powerful bolt of energy toward the target.

It's possible to dodge the bolt with good timing, however don't expect constant boosting to be a fool-proof way of evading it's fire. It'll lock back on to you very quickly and won't be so easily fooled if you try to pull a fast one too soon.

Here's a short video of the bolt launchers in action:


Second we have gates. Gates or "thin walls" are a very thin wall that can be placed on the edge of individual grid cells, allowing them to be fit into tight spots without compromising a tight level design. What's better is they can be toggled open or closed with gate switches of a matching color.

Note: These gate switches can be activated by any other object in the game however, so keep in mind when placing them that a rogue tornado gem or falling brick can control whether or not these gates are open or shut.