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Monday, January 18, 2016

Build: 935870

Steam Workshop:

The new editor now has full workshop support.
Levels must include at least one diamond and a player start to be valid for publishing to the workshop. When you're ready to publish, just go to the Save dialog and click "Publish" under the save button and you'll be taken to the "Publish to Workshop" dialog. From here, you'll check to make sure your level name and description are okay, as well as whether or not you want to update an existing level (more on that below) and whether you want to make it immediately public.

After successfully publishing your level, you'll be given the chance to view it on the workshop.

After a level has been published to the workshop, a special file ID will be attached to the level file. This will allow you to submit the level again in the future and have the option to "Update" the level. When you choose to update a level, the game will use that ID to find the entry of the level and replace it with whatever changes you've made.

If you click the ID in the Publish window, it will take you straight to the level that matches that ID on the workshop so you can see which entry you'll be replacing when you click "Publish".

Note however that if you delete your level from the workshop, you will need to manually uncheck "Update" within the workshop dialog. The game is unable to determine before trying to update your level, whether or not the level still exists on the workshop. If it doesn't, you'll receive an error.

While it may seem inconvenient that the editor doesn't manually check and adjust itself for this sort of thing, the reason for this is transparency. If something goes wrong, I don't want to create the illusion that everything is fine. While this is a very unlikely scenario to have happen often, explaining what happened and how to fix it manually is a much better solution in my opinion.

Known issues:
  • Publishing does not publish the description the way it should. This will be fixed in the next update.