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Friday, January 15, 2016

Build: 933042

Level Editor UI Overhaul:

As time went on and the style of Diamond developed, it became clear that the level editor design was not holding up. Furthermore, after years of expanding upon it and creating levels to test components in it, it was becoming clear that it had a number of weak points which could be improved upon.

This new update is far more than just a simple re-skin of the same old editor. The new editor UI was completely re-designed from the ground up to not only look sleeker and cleaner but to perform better and improved workflow.

The first thing you may notice after playing around with the new editor is a strong emphasis on consistency. Everything in the editor was built at roughly the same time and with the same coherent vision for what the final editor will look like. Everything from animations, visuals, and dialog boxes are designed to feel in place with the rest of the editor.

New File and Load Warning Dialog Boxes:

Speaking of which, dialog boxes are now available to help standardize the editor with more traditional applications.

The editor now has tips that help describe features or functionality in the editor that might not be immediately obvious or simply don't make themselves known.


Naturally these tips are generally only intended to be read once or twice and pop up every time you do something that the tip is relevant too, so the ability to dismiss them permanently is included.


These tips can be reset via the new settings menu too. Which will continue to expand as the game goes on. The first major new feature though in the settings menu addresses the issue of preference and screen resolution. The editor now supports scaling from 100% to 200%, defaulting at 125% which is a comfortable size to use at 1920x1080.

UI Scaling:

All editor assets have been designed to look sharp up to this 200% mark.

Part of the new UI design also addresses a number of small problems that were limited by the old GUI system's ability to mimic expected functionality in areas such as text editing. The new UI system now supports a much friendlier text editor which makes editing level names much easier without having to retype the whole name each time.

Refined load/save screens:

The save and load screens didn't get as major an overhaul since their most recent design was largely in line with the vision of the editor, albeit slightly less refined as it is now.

Now while there are a lot of little tweaks that still need done and there's a lot more fine details I could cover, for the time being this is the broadest look at some of the more significant changes made to the editor. As always, feel free to give me feedback and let me know of any issues that might come up.

For reference, this is the old editor:

Known issues:

  • Workshop support has not been added yet.
  • The editor doesn't properly reconstruct levels when you return to the editor, unless you save your level. Even then, it loads the file, not the temporary state of the level before playing. This isn't intentional behavior and will be fixed.
  • Your Steam name isn't formatted with the " |" at the end in the save dialog.
  • Level name is "Null" in the save dialog until you change the name either in the editor or in the save dialog.